About Us:

Here at Kahunas, our crew is made up of some chillen’ dudes that wanted to innitiate a life changing company: a transformative brand focused on revolutionizing the Hawaiian shirt industry.

It’s 2018- the truth is that Hawaiians are in, sleeves are out.

We built Kahunas to let your underexposed, thirsty, mondo defined biceps soak up some more sunshine and catch a little extra breeze each day. Free, comfortable, and classy the Kahuna is specifically engineered for all occasions. After almost two years of preliminary sizing, developing and fine tuning the design of the Kahuna, we have finally come out with a shirt that extends beyond all apparel expectations.

 The Kahuna is perfect for a day on the lake, an afternoon on the water, a night by the fire. That 36 hole round of minigolf your buddy won’t shut up about. Physics Day at Six Flags. The tailgate. Riding the perfect wave. Your little sister’s 10th birthday party at funplex.

For all and any chillen’ times.

And if there’s anything at all that you truly need to know about us and the inspiration behind the Kahuna, then that’s really just about it.



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