Ambassador Program

What does a Kahunas rep do? We want you to help us revolutionize the Hawaiian shirt game by spreading the word of kahunas around your campus! You will be responsible for creating brand awareness, driving sales, and finding campus-wide events to sponsor!

What’s in it for you?

  1. 15% off all Kahunas merchandise
  2. Exclusive access to a Kahunas ambassador Facebook group.
  3. A feature on our website or social media wearing a Kahuna.
  4. Early access to sales, free shipping, and access to other discounts.  
  5. An exclusive invitation to any Kahunas hosted events.
  6. Earning a free kahuna and other merchandise through our rewards system!

Additionally, you will also gain an immense amount of marketing, branding, and business knowledge- plus, have access to speak to everyone on the Kahunas team and connect with ambassadors all across the country!

What may be asked of you:
  1. Help spread the word about the brand through word of mouth around campus.
  2. Post pictures on your social media accounts in a Kahuna.
  3. Hang up flyers around your campus. 
  4. Encourage others to buy Kahunas with your discount code


*Please Note: Our ambassador program is in its developing stages. If you are interested in applying to potentially become a brand ambassador, please fill out the form below 

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